Why do I need a Financial Adviser?

When it comes to wealth management, a financial adviser can help you navigate your way through a confusing market, especially in a volatile investment environment such as today’s economy. An adviser will help you assess what your financial investing profile is (risky, conservative, etc.) and what investment portfolio will best help you maintain and potentially grow your funds.

Who benefits most from your services?

Although we work with clients from around the country, we are highly focused on retirement income planning for residents of San Ramon and Contra Costa County. Business owners and owners of professional services companies in San Ramon who need a local advisor who is an investment fiduciary value our objective and personal approach.  401(k) Plan Sponsors in Contra Costa County also rely on us for fiduciary services, including investment advice to qualified plan assets and education of 401(k) plan participants in San Ramon.


How can I track the progress of my investments with you?

Prosperity Financial Group has an online client access called The Vault. The Vault is a place where you can access your accounts, track market updates, send and receive confidential files, and request information. In addition to having online access, our advisors conduct account review meetings with clients as often as they would like--some choose quarterly, while others choose yearly reviews. As always, our advisors and staff are available via phone or email to provide information or arrange for an in-person meeting.

How does Fingerprint Financial Planning™ work?

We start with a detailed questionnaire and find our what is most important to you in regards to your finances. We want to determine where you are on the wealth cycle. Are you in the accumulation phase, the preservation phase, trying to create a legacy for the future or are you concerned about making your money last for the rest of your life? We use that information to help define your wealth management goals and then focus on making them happen. And this is just the start. We act as personal financial captains, providing strong leadership in an ongoing relationship.

How do you select investments for a client?

We start with a risk profile assessment. Next, we focus on your goals and calculate what will be required to meet these goals. From there we will help determine the amount of risk to reach your goals. If your risk profile doesn’t match the requirements to reach your goal, we have detailed discussions and analyze other possibilities. Once we have determined your risk profile, we match investments suitable to the amount of risk. We monitor these choices each quarter and make adjustments if necessary.

I own a business, what can you do for me?

Business owners represent 50% of our clients. Through strategic alliances with CPA®’s, Business Attorneys and Consultants we keep abreast of all regulatory and tax law changes being imposed by State, Local and Federal governments. We help implement and manage customized retirement options for your employees and management personnel. We act as your personal consultant searching for best practice methodology.

I want to retire soon, what should I do to prepare?

First of all, make sure you have a plan so you will know exactly what retirement will cost and how you will pay for it. This should include your retirement accounts, Social Security, other investments, real estate and all assets that can be used for retirement. Next, assess any outstanding expenses like mortgages, credit cards and any other debt. Finally, you will need a realistic assessment of your expenses for the next 10, 20 or 30 years of life expectancy. Having a written plan for wealth management is essential to a secure retirement.

We have a new addition to the family! What should I do to start saving for the future?

Congratulations, what great news! Your first goal is to protect your family. Review the amount of Life Insurance you have and make sure it is adequate. Generally, this can be covered with a Term Life Policy. If you have sufficient income, start a 529 College Savings Plan for the child.

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