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09/08/2019 Weekly Market Summary

Major Indexes For Week Ended 9/6/2019

Index Close Net Change % Change YTD YTD %
DJIA 26,797.46         +394.18         1.49         +3,470.00         14.88        
NASDAQ 8,103.07         +140.19         1.76         +1,467.79         22.12        
S&P500 2,978.71         +52.25         1.79        +471.86         18.82        
Russell 2000 1,505.17         +10.33         0.69        +156.61         11.61        
International 1,882.43         +39.85         2.16        +162.55         9.45        
10-year bond 1.55%        +0.04%          -1.14%         
30-year T-bond 2.02%        +0.05%          -1.00%         
International index is MSCI EAFE index. Bond data reflect net change in yield, not price. Indices are unmanaged and you cannot directly invest in an index.

Economy Gets Bad Press Again
The bad news about the manufacturing sector slowdown is widely sensationalized in the financial press. With the exception of The New York Times, the media coverage of the slump in manufacturing neglected to report the fact that only 11% of the U.S. gross domestic product is derived from manufacturing activity. Without that context, the press would have you think a recession is right around the corner when it's not. ...more

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