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Welcome to the San Ramon Financial Planners Blog

Welcome to the San Ramon Financial Planners Blog

The San Ramon Financial Planners Blog offers a financial planner’s perspective on issues affecting people in the Greater Bay Area.

The Bay Area is not a low-cost place to live, but it is your home. Pre-retirees in San Ramon with wealth invested in their homes are often not very well-prepared financially to make the transition to retirement.

Do you have a portfolio that can produce enough income through retirement and outlive you? It may be achievable but you may need guidance. The equation is not just about numbers.

Like a fingerprint, your goals in life are entirely unique to you.

Our new website and this blog are designed to unlock the power of financial planning while leveraging Elliot Kallen and Chuck Ballweg’s unique people skills and experience as financial planners and investment fiduciaries.

Starting your Fingerprint Fnancial Planning experience by clicking here.   

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