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03/10/2019 Weekly Market Summary

Major Indexes For Week Ended 3/8/2019

IndexCloseNet Change% ChangeYTDYTD %
DJIA 25,450.24         -576.08         -2.21         +2,122.78         9.10        
NASDAQ 7,408.14         -187.21         -2.46         +772.86         11.65        
S&P500 2,743.07         -60.62         -2.16         +236.22         9.42        
Russell 2000 1,521.88         -67.76         -4.26         +173.32         12.85        
International 1,839.23         -39.30         -2.09         +119.35         6.94        
10-year bond 2.62%        -0.14%          -0.07%          
30-year T-bond 3.01%        -0.11%          -0.01%          
International index is MSCI EAFE index. Bond data reflect net change in yield, not price. Indices are unmanaged and you cannot directly invest in an index.



How Misperceptions Spread And Cause Confusion On Money Matters
U.S. jobs data triggered fearful headlines on Friday. It's a cautionary tale of how misperceptions spread in an instant and cause mass confusion about money matters. From The New York Times to specialized news outlets, like The Street, headlines were uniformly grim after the jobs data was released by the government on Friday morning. ...more

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