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Father's Day Financial Tip - Put Your Kids To Work

Here’s a Father’s Day financial tip: put your children to work!
Paying your kids to do chores regularly can be a satisfying transaction for parents and teach children responsibility, but it will also provide tax-free income to your children a half-century or so from now when they retire.
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The New Math Of Renting Out A Property

Even if you’re not a landlord now, listen up, because you may want to become one.
The new tax law has changed the equation weighing whether to rent a property or be the sole tenant throughout the year.
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Fed Shatters Conventional Economic Wisdom

Conventional economic wisdom holds that the record-low unemployment rate will cause employers to bid up wages, which then will be passed through to consumers in the form of higher prices, triggering rising inflation.
However, conventional wisdom is being shattered.
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Four New Signs Point To Economic Strength

In the news affecting your wealth, four good signs are currently pointing to continued economic growth for 2018.
Business-owner optimism has remained near an all-time high since the November 2016 election.
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Are You Better Off Than 10 Years Ago ?

The progress of humanity moves inexorably slowly, but there is irrefutable evidence that Americans are better off than they were 10 years ago — about 20% better off.
Real disposable personal income grew at an average annual rate of 2.2% since the end of the last recession.
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