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We specialize in working with small business owners, busy professionals and Forward-thinking retirees who wish to leave a legacy, improve their personal profitability and invest for the future. We provide the financial planning that can get you on the right track for a comfortable retirement, even in the high cost San Francisco Bay area. Retirement planning, tax-efficient investing, strategic wealth management strategies and estate conservation are top priorities to anyone planning to retire in the San Ramon-area.

At Prosperity Financial Group, we understand that no two people share the same definition of financial independence. That’s why we created Fingerprint Financial Planning™, a proprietary personalized financial planning process that we designed to create a unique financial plan for meeting your goals and aspirations.

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Protect Your Retirement

In a world filled with uncertainty, our goal is to help you establish a sound plan that addresses more than just your finances. See how we can help you prepare to make the most of your future.

People Nearing or in Retirement

If you are already retired or nearing retirement, your financial goals and objectives take on a more urgent focus. There are crucial decisions to make that can affect your happiness in the next few years and your financial security later in life.

Collaboration and Communication

We believe that the key to success is our team approach to your issues. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering consistent and superior service to you, with the end result a collaborative design tailored towards your specific goals.

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Business Leaders

In many cases, business goals can interfere with personal financial goals. Reviewing your complete financial picture can help you prioritize your short and long term objectives, and strike the right balance between your business and personal goals.

401(k) Plan Sponsors

Offering a retirement plan can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, decisions an employer can make. Prosperity Financial has partnered with Business Leaders, Owners, 401(k) Plan Sponsors and their employees to provide clear guidance and support for over 20 years.

Balanced Investing

We believe that a dynamic environment requires a flexible strategy that measures and responds to risk; one that attempts to build and maintain your wealth thoughout various market cycles.

Despite all the distractions in the news, the U.S. economy’s resilience remai remarkably strong. Here are key fundamentals easily lost amid recent headlines dominating the news cycle.

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